Ethnic skin types - encompassing individuals of African, Asian, Oriental and mixed non-European heritage - have many different shades and undertones. For example: in order to attain a similar endpoint, African skin with a blue undertone (i.e. darker skin) will require more Meso-Infusion treatments than African skin with a yellow undertone (i.e. lighter skin). On account of this diversity, it is impossible to scientifically pinpoint the amount of glutathione that will be needed in order to achieve a certain shade of skin colour. The dosage is calculated according to your individual physiology and as such, it is ill advised to 'overload' glutathione injection dosages in individuals with darker Ethnic skin types. 

The degree to which you can lighten your skin by will also depend on a range of other factors - a combination of your genetics, lifestyle, health, age and skin condition.

This will all be explained to you in your initial consultation.